Our goal is simple: To be your choice for elevators.

Driven by the quest for quality, consistency, flexibility, fast service, innovation and development, we go ahead and look into the future.

We care about the health and safety of our customers and end users, integrity and morality, we find continuous progress and new, always with love for people and our work.

At REI LIFT our work is accompanied by a constant effort to work primarily with a sense of social responsibility towards our customers, partners and investors who believe in us and for nature and the environment in which we live and work.

We are motivated and justified, support and maintain, establish and novelties.

We achieve progress, growth and innovation.


The environment is our main objective and inspiration in offering our products. The need to protect the environment and energy efficiency is a major driving force in most international companies worldwide. We offer eco-efficient elevators with energy savings of up to 70% compared with conventional technologies.


We put the quality of our elevators first. We created and develop quality policy in accordance with ISO 9001 in accordance with Directive 95/16 / EC, through which we achieve fully the quality requirements in the European Union. We focus our work and the specific requirements of specific local market.


Continuously offering new products to cover all the needs of customers in the sphere of vertical transport. We are experts in specific developments. We cover the range of loading capacity of 50 kg. up to 20 tonnes and speed of rise of 0.15 m / s to 6 m / s. Design of our cabins matches that of your building, and all the needs for buildings such as offices, residential, industrial, hospitals and others.


We offer new perspectives on the experience and practice of vertical transport by creating a unique feeling in a new line of cabins with a futuristic design.

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